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Bridging gaps between Govt , Tribal over Forest Rights implementation is  imperative: Javaid Rahi

Jammu, February 03, 2021: Maintaining that bridging of gaps between the  Govt  of Jammu and Kashmir and the Tribal population over speedy Implementation of Forest Rights Act in the Union Territory  is  imperative  and  there is a role for NGOs,  voluntaries, elders among tribes to work forward in this direction. This was stated by   noted tribal researcher Dr. Javaid Rahi while addressing six FRA awareness programme in Reasi District concluded today at Darmari town  -200 Km from Jammu.

The other programmes were held at Pouni, Tariyath ,  Vijaypur , Nowaabad and Kodi in Arnas areas of Reasi District.

The dignitaries who presided over the programmes include Ch. Aijaz Ahmed Khan Former Minister, Ch Khaliq Bakerwal, Gojri Writer Kalsoom Chowdhary,  Ch Talib Hussain of Arnas, BDC Chairman M Kahan Chowdhary and Talib Chowdhary.

Dr. Javaid Rahi while addressing gathering of tribes at the various location stated that there are number challenges in the of implementation of Forest Rights Act as the a big percentage of nomadic tribes such as Gujjars, Bakerwals, Gaddis, Sippis are illiterate. They lack evidences to be produced to justify the claims on forest lands.

He said the individual claims are lesser but a large population of tribal Gujjars, Bakerwals , Gaddis and Sippis  are going to be benefited under community rights of FRA.

He also informed that awareness programmes are impretive to guide Tribal and other Forest Dewellers. He said , that  we are working on three way interventions includes awareness programmes in the field, awareness through Social Media and free calls /assistance for Gujjars/ Bakerwals and other tribes.

He said 10 Facebook pages having more than 10 lakh followers collectively are regularly working on this topic includes, Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation page, Sari Mastana Tribal Foundation  Gojri Mahri zuban, International Gojri Zaban , Gojri Zaban, Sada e Gujjars,Gojri Apni Zaban, Gojri FM and others.

He said I personally attend dozens of calls daily on FRA issues and we are bridging the gap  between Govt, tribal and non-tribal communities over the implementation issues.

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