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Bhim Singh demands judicial inquiry into firing, blast at Nagrota Ban Toll Plaza

Jammu, November 19, 2020: Prof.Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman, State Legal Aid Committee, J&K demanded immediate inquiry by a High Court judge into the firing and killing of four terrorists at Ban Toll Plaza, Nagrota in the morning hours today. Prof.Bhim Singh was not allowed in the morning to visit Toll Plaza site where security forces had faced bullets from inside a truck which started from Samba and was moving on the Highway in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that none was allowed to visit the site for hours. The press and the people had to depend on the stories and interviews released by the security forces and the police.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that many questions have been raised by the public and people around about the whole episode.

i). Why was the truck carrying the terrorists not taken into custody?

ii). Why was the strategy not to arrest the terrorists? They could not have enough ammunition to use. Some scientific methods could have been used to arrest/detain the terrorists by the police.

iii). Why and how all the materials carried by the terrorists were allowed to be destroyed by burning/blasting the truck according to the reports?

iv). How and why by all the guns, ammunition, grenades projected by the police could be brought without any harm whereas there is no trace of any money or material which could have been helpful for information to find out the background and the identity of the terrorists?

Prof.Bhim Singh said that no information or found material confirming the background, nationality could be found by the security forces. The catching the terrorists alive could have given a very valuable information to the security forces.

Prof.Bhim Singh who is also Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party & Author of several books on J&K and spent more than eight years in the detention of the J&K government from 1978 to 2020.

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