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Bhim Singh congratulated Sewa Singh Bali on being appointed as J&K President of BBSA

Jammu, January 19, 2021: Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of J&K National Panthers Party congratulated the Panthers Trade Union General Secretary, Mr. Sewa Singh Bali on being appointed as J&K President of Body Building Sports Association. He attended the programme held at Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar Bhawan, Rani Jhansi Road, Paharganj, New Delhi.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that his appointment to this organization not only entertains people but also helps the people to communicate with each other. It is essential for building bridges between the young people of India specially in J&K between different communities and areas, which makes the citizens, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians and other communities unite together on the principles of secularism, liberty of thought and freedom of choosing once own lifepath. He hoped that such sports events would bind India together. The unity among the people of the country will defeat the evil forces who are working towards dividing India once again on the basis of caste, creed, religion and region. Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar waged a war against such forces and gave a call to the young people of India to unite together and build India as a strong, united and secular country.

He congratulated the other members of the association to keep Dr. Baba Sahib Ambedkar’s dream alive by holding such events in future and involving the young people from all over the country.

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