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Bhim Singh appeals to angry youth in J&K to give up guns/violence & assured NPP’s support for justice  

Jammu, April 12, 2021: Prof.Bhim Singh, President of J&K National Panthers Party & Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court who is also Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee, J&K made strong appeal to the angry youth in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly, in Kashmir province to give up violence and guns assuring the Panthers Party shall fight for justice for all youth and people in Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh who stand deprived of their Fundamental Rights particularly in the Valley of Kashmir. NPP Supremo also convened a meeting of the State Legal Aid Committee, J&K where the active participants in the State Legal Aid Committee pledged to take up all the cases of the youth suffering in prisons or otherwise particularly in the Valley of Kashmir.

Prof.Bhim Singh assured that the State Legal Aid Committee shall take up the cases of youth suffering in the prisons or by administration in J&K as the State Legal Aid Committee has been doing in the past. He conveyed to the parents of the youth in Kashmir to take care of their youthful children and assured that the Legal Aid Committee shall fight for their Fundamental Rights which are applicable today in J&K after the demolition of Article 35-A. Article 35-A was temporary and could not have been used against the Indian citizens in J&K because Fundamental Rights are applicable to all the Indian citizens in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

Prof.Bhim Singh appealed the general public in Kashmir Valley, particularly the parents to mobilize their own children against the use of guns or violence.

He also urged the President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind to direct the Govt. of India to hold immediate Assembly elections in J&K as that is the only way to involve the general public in the political process. He urged the President to advise the Govt. of India to revive statehood of J&K which demolished 200 years old State of J&K founded by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846.

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