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‘Bhassad’, the first film after UP CM visualizes Bollywood dream in North India

From Mumbai to UP: the Bollywood Dream takes off!

Local film director Vinod Dixit takes Yogi Adityanath’s Bollywood dream quite seriously

By King C Bharati

Greater Noida, November 22, 2020: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s big  dream to shift Bollywood from Mumbai to UP and give it a full-fledged Industry Status seems to have given a new hope and enthusiasm to the most of the filmmakers and actors in India while the local film personalities working either in Mumbai or elsewhere are more elated and ready to make the dream a reality.

While UP CM had a marathon meeting with top Bollywood celebrities recently, the local filmmakers have already started pooling-in their resources and focus on their own peripheries much before the biggest names in Bollywood are likely to step in.

In this connection the name of a young Filmmaker, Director, Writer and Actor Vinod Dixit can be treated as the early birds who have taken their CM’s dream quite seriously and have started filming their projects in UP particularly the peripheries of Greater Noida which is said to be the center of focus for the upcoming Film Industry in UP and has vast potential due to its topography, landscapes, natural habitats, villages as well as modern infrastructure already in place.

Vinod Dixit

Vinod Dixit, a young film maker has completed his first major directorial project titled ‘Bhassad’ which started shooting immediately after the announcement was made by the UP CM and has been shot locally with artists from UP as well as other states like J&K, Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai, MP, etc thus making it truly a project like Bollywood where everyone will get a job in one way or the other.

Talking to this scribe Vinod Dixit thanked UP Chief Minister for such a wonderful announcement saying this will open new vistas for the filmmakers, directors, actors, writers and other cast and crew who were seeing a saturation in Bollywood and said it was due to this enthusiasm that he shot one of his major projects entirely in Greater Noida to contribute his bit towards the dream of the UP CM.

Vinod Dixit with Local MLA Dhirendra Singh

Dixit said that his project was the first to initiate shooting after the announcement and was inaugurated by the local MLA Dhirendra Singh who appreciated the initiative and assured that filmmakers would get every help from the UP government to create a full-fledged film industry in the state.

Vinod Dixit said that filmmakers from North India working in Mumbai and other states were eager to start their projects in UP and hoped that some incentives and facilities would be provided to them to realize the big dream of the UP CM.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Vinod Dixit is a local boy who is working in Mumbai as Director, Writer and Actor under the banners of ‘Shree Ram Entertainment House’, ‘Discovery Hours Entertainers’, ‘The Turtle Life’ and ‘Jitesh Kumar Films’.

Dixit has more than 50 short films as writer and director under his belt and has written some notable web-series like ‘Cyanide Mohan’ directed by Rahat Kazmi, ‘Just 13’ (English Film) directed by Ashish Wagh, two music albums, ‘Maqsad’ and ‘Ya Ladkiyan’ besides ‘Girls Cutiyapa’ as writer-director.

Vinod Dixit’s latest film ‘Bhassad’ is an all-out entertainer and will soon be released on OTT platform and is close to his heart as it is the first film to be produced in UP Film Industry visualized by Yogi Adityanath and he believes this step will go a long way to help the upcoming and budding artists, writers, directors and other crew members who will get jobs locally and people won’t have to leave their homes for bread, butter and to pursue their Bollywood dreams.

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