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Bhartiya Chattra Sansad demanded J&KGAD and JKSSB to rectify the use of the word “Sister” in Rule 5(3) of S.O. 184 of 2020 as a family member instead of spouse.

Jammu, July 11, 2021:  President of Jammu and Kashmir Student Parliament and council member of  Bhartiya Chattra Sansad Sanjay Thakur Bhartiya has appealed to Jammu and Kashmir General Administration Department (GAD) and JKSSB to clarify and justify the  use of word “Sister” in Rule 5(3) of S.O 184 of 2020 as a family member – in married sister case.

Sanjay Thakur Bhartiya  on behalf of aspirants of Class-IV (Special Recruitment) Rules 2020 said that as per S.O 184 of 2020, an additional five points (05) will be given to that aspirant whose no family member is or was in government service  and as per this S.O the family member includes brother, Sister and parents.

This is a welcoming step and it will definitely benefit the weaker section as these additional 05 points will benefit those candidates who have no source of income.

 Thakur raised the concern and said “the candidates whose married sister is in Job/service, she doesn’t remain the part of candidate’s family as after marriage she gets separated from her parental family and becomes the part of her husband’s family.

It is clearly understood that after marriage she changes her whole identity even her Surname, Domicile, Ration Card, voter ID, Census ID,Chulha Chowkidari and she will not be the part of candidate’s family and will not be the source of income for the candidate’s family. The candidate’s family in this case is neither getting Salary benefit nor pension benefit and not G P benefits.”

He added, “Another concern arises here if a sister is married and is unemployed but if her brother or sister is in service.  Despite the fact that she has her own family and she is not the beneficiary by her brothers or sister income then how can a brother or sister be the part of a married sister’s family.

Thakur suggested that the word family used in Rule 5(3) of S.O 184 of 2020 would have included the spouse of a candidate as the said spouse becomes the member of family after marriage and can be considered as earning hand for the family and married sister should be excluded from this rule.

He said that when the aspirants approached the concerned authority for the issuance of certificate under the said S.O for getting the benefit of 05 additional marks, they are confronted with a situation as to whether the word “sister” used in Rule 5(3) of the aforesaid S.O mean only unmarried sister or not. The concerned authority that has to issue the certificate raised the said concern and is in dilemma whether to issue the certificate or not where a married sister of a candidate is in service.

Thakur added “one side the J&KGAD is ignoring the spouse as a family member in this rule and one other side there is no clarification of the Word “sister”.

“It is clearly injustice as one sister is married in one family and the other sister is married in another family. If any of them is in service then others cannot get the benefit of the aforesaid S.O. Therefore it needs to be rectified.” He questioned.

He requested Lieutenant Governor of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir Sh. Manoj Sinha to Intervene in this matter as it is too confusing and it can not only  demoralize but also ruin the career of aspirants. He appealed the Lieutenant Governor to direct JK GAD and JKSSB to justify as to what actually the word “sister” used in Rule 5(3) means and whether the word sister includes the married sister which is not the part of the family, in the interest of justice and best interest of the candidate kindly exclude married sister for this S.O by issuing a corrigendum on Rule 5(3) of S.O 184 of 2020  as the process of document verification is going to commence from 15th of July and the certificate is required for the said purpose.

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