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Drenching the land of Gandhi with precious human blood is untenable and unfortunate

Omkar Dattatray

The father of nation ,Mahatma Gandhi will be uneasy in the heaven watching the spilling of the innocent human blood in various parts of his land called Hindustan.It is very disturbing and unfortunate that in the land of non-violence and dharma the savage in the human is in full play and is creating mayhem by killings of the innocent people under one pretext or the other.The fact remains loud and clear that there is hardly any place for spilling human blood whatever may be the cause.But it is perturbing and very sorrowful that human blood is lost in various parts of the country putting the people of this country to shame.Manipur violence in the northeast state has created havoc as many precious lives have been killed by the violence mongers and the violence in Manipur is unprecedented and has no parallels in the civilized world .

It is disturbing that Manipur is burning with the ethno-communal clashes and that too under the government of BJP.The violence and bloodshed which is alien to our culture should stop at once for the flourishing of the secularism,pluralism and Hindu-Muslim unity.The violence in Manipur is continuing unabated and without break and so the double engine government should take immediate steps to control violence so that no further human blood is lost in Manipur.The different political parties should not resort to petty and dirty politicking over the dead bodies and instead should cooperate with the government to control the religio –ethnic strife in the state which faces alarming poverty and deprivation.Hardly has the blood spilling been controlled in Manipur,the state of Haryana which was a peaceful state was plunged in darkness as the state is witness to the killing of the innocent people and also saw the burning of public and private properties and the vehicles as well.

The ethno-communal violence has damaged the plural ethos and mutual brotherhood in Manipur as much precious human blood has lost in this state which is very disturbing and shameful.It is very sad that the religious procession of Hindus was stopped and subjected to heavy stoning and even bullets were fired  upon the people forming part of profession.It is obvious that the communal violence in Manipur was preplanned because the shops of a particular community were closed and the rioters have assembled on hilltops and from there they were pelting stones and petrol bombs on the procession which led to the procession hayware and the processionists took shelter in the temple.

At least six innocent people have lost their lives in Manipur violence and the violence is continuing and putting all of us to shame.The political parties are busy in politicizing the communal issue and they resort to dirty politics on the killing of the innocent citizens and are blaming each other for the violence and killings of the innocent people.The government of the centre and the state government of Manipur should act fast and control the gloomy state of affairs in Manipur and ensure no further human blood is lost in the state.Some time earlier there was violence in Shaheen Bagh area on UCC and the violence there continued for months together and several human lives had been lost.Simiraly the farmers agitation on three controversial farm laws continued  in past for more than a year and innocent lives of the farmers who are Undatta had been lost in the violence in the agitation.

At the top of it many precious lives are continuing to be lost in Jammu and Kashmir militancy which is a cause of grave concern to the people and the government,but thank God the mayhem and violence has abated and has shown the signs of fatigue and it is so good that insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir is on its last leg but still some sporadic killings are happening in Kashmir and giving bad name to Kashmiriyet and composite culture for which Jammu and Kashmir was famous throughout the globe.Besides these killings,mob violence in various parts of the country is taking the lives of the innocents and these killings are a blot on the face of our democracy.

Moreover some radical and indoctrinated youth among the Muslim community resort to the killing of the innocent people only to show their brute force.Killing of tailor Kanyalal  in Rajasthan  was shocking as the two savages who pretended to be his clients killed him in his tailor shop and the incident is hair raising and puts all of us to shame.Not only this,the killings of the women in the love Jihad cases in the most brutal way reflects the inhuman killings of the women to show male dominance which is very unfortunate and painful.Several Hindu girls have lost their lives as they were trapped in the live in relationship and lost their lives and in this connection the sad example of Shraddha Walker of Mumbai can be mentioned.Several innocent Hindu girls were killed very brutally by their live in partners who belonged to Muslim community.

Moreover the savage mob violence and cow vigilantism also took a toll of human lives.It is so bad than on flimsy grounds the innocent lives are consumed and lost due to mob violence which has no place in our democracy and liberal society.It follows that enough of the human blood is lost in the country and there is thus great need to put an end to merciless killings of the innocent people.It is very painful and disturbing that many precious lives are lost due to mob violence and also due to the highhanded approach of the people who care two hoots for the peace and security of the country.It is high time that the bloodbath that is going across different states should stop as it has no place in our democracy and such innocent killings are alien to our rich ,composite and vibrant cultural ethos.

These killings should stop for the growth of and theme of non –violence and we should embrace the philosophy of non –violence as delineated by our religious scriptures and said and practiced  by Mahatma Gandhi throughout his life.Let us tread the path of non –violence as preached by Bapu and put the non –violence in thought ,action and deed and this will be the greatest tribute to Gandhi and his philosophy.May we purge Indian society from the loss of innocent lives and stop the wanton killings of the people because the killings are alien to our culture and thus are abhorred in India but the savage in men take sadistic pleasure in killings which is very disturbing.Therefore the innocent spilling of the human blood should stop for the cause of non-violence and the tree of non –violence needs to be watered for its growth and development.In brief ours should become a truly non –violent society and country so that we are respected the world over.

(The author is a columnist, social and KP activist)

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