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Arrest MoS Ajay Mishra & his son under IPC Sec.302 for actions resulting deaths of farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri

Jammu, October 09, 2021: Rajasthan Pradesh National Panthers Party President, Mr. Anil Sharma appreciated the Supreme Court of India for taking Yogi Adityanath’s Govt. to task in respect to the killings of the farmers by the son of State Home Minister, Mr. Ajay Mishra in Modi Govt. Mr. Anil Sharma said that the Supreme Court is the Ray of Hope for the citizens in the darkness of Modi Govt. actions depriving people of their Fundamental Rights and putting each Indian’s life, liberty and assets to risk. He further said that the Supreme Court is the pillar of hope which is keeping Indian people going in these hard times as goons enter and beat people even when they are sitting in their homes. The Court said that they want responsible government and responsible police. The job of police was to save innocent people and not save criminals who attack the lives of the people, loot their properties and scare their families and spread fear in the country. Mr. Anil Sharma appreciated the Hon’ble Judges who were fighting the battle to save people of India.

Mr. Anil Sharma, President-RPNPP said that himself feels secure that the Supreme Court was holding hands and giving the public courage to face the fear spread by the present BJP Govts. assisted by the anti-social, anti-national powers and communal RSS forces.

Mr. Mishra was trying to convince the world that neither he nor his son was on spot. Only his car was on the spot. Mr. Anil Sahrma said that the minister should clarify who was driving his car i.e. a ghost, an animal or a living human being. Who was he?

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